Intact™ PEEL-N-STICK Envelopes

The Intact™ PEEL-N-STICK Self-Adhesive Envelope (Intact™) is a specially designed, durable, waterproof containment system that securely adheres transmitters onto cows. By following a simple assembly and application process, Intact™ Envelopes will withstand impact from mounting activity and weather events for the duration of the transmitter battery life (an average of 3 months).


Envelope Assembly:


1)   Center a charged transmitter with the button-side up on a longer self-adhesive sheet


2)   Place a protective plastic cup over the top of the transmitter


3)   Remove backing from secondary self-adhesive sheet with rectangle cutout


4)   Place secondary sheet over the transmitter and cup, then press down along the sides



Applying to Cow:


1)   Brush thoroughly to remove dirt, dust and shedding hair. Do not use steel bristle or other stiff combs


2)   Use an ESTROTECT™ Cleaning Cloth to completely remove any remaining dirt or dust


3)   Remove the backing of the assembled Intact™ Envelope and press down firmly on the application site


Envelopes should be checked for continued adhesion every 10-15 days.