About AccuBreed™


AccuBreed™ features electronic components that capture every mounting event as it happens. Wireless, rechargeable transmitters are applied above the tailhead of a cow to digitally send a data stream with the date, time and duration of every mounting event in real time. All mounting data is collected, stored and instantly reported to the farmer through the AccuBreed™ Software.

The AccuBreed™ System Components

transmittericon AccuBreed™ Rechargeable Wireless Transmitters

  • Transmission distances have proven to be successful across a half-mile radius from the nearest base station buffer (BSB)
  • Each transmitter has a tracking number assigned to a specific cow
  • Average battery life of 3 months; rechargeable up to 500 times
BSBicon AccuBreed™ Base Station Buffers (BSBs)

  • Station antenna units store and “power” transmitter data streams to the AccuBreed™ Router
  • All components are weather resistant
RouterIcon AccuBreed™ Router

  • Captures and decodes data streams from transmitters or BSBs for use in the AccuBreed™ Software
  • Relays confirmation signal back to BSB when data stream is received by the AccuBreed™ Router
  • Connects to a PC via a high-speed communication cable


SoftwareIcon AccuBreed™ Software

  • Analyzes mounting activity data captured by the AccuBreed™ Router
  • Automatically refreshes to show real-time mounting data