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Know when your cows
are ready to be bred.

Introducing: AccuBreed™ Wireless
Heat Detection Systems

AccuBreed™ feature wireless, electronic components
that capture every mounting event as it happens.
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Real-Time Mount Detection

Electronic components
relay mounting information
as it happens

How AccuBreed™ Communicates

After each mounting event, a data stream that initiates from
the AccuBreed™ Transmitter makes its way to the farm’s
computer for real-time review on the AccuBreed™ Software.
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Intact™ Peel-N-Stick Envelopes

Easy Assembly.
Easy Application.

New Waterproof AccuBreed™
Transmitter Containment System

Long gone are the days of complex transmitter application.
With just a few simple steps, applying AccuBreed™ transmitters
to cattle has never been easier and more effective.
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